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The constant work of "Apiros" and the Polyphonic Caravan is continued with the digitalization of valuable archival materials of the Polyphonic Sogn Archive and their publication, among others, through our channel at YouTube.

The publications of videos are accompanied by well-documented texts and references, valuable for anyone who wants to research, learn more on the polyphonic song and the practice itself and travels of the Polyphonic Caravan.

Those publications are shared through the Polyphonic Caravan's channel at YouTube, as well as daily through the pages and groups in social media and through the present site in the column dedicated to "DIGITAL POLIS-PHONY".

The next period, some publications will be dedicated to the Spring Polyphonic Caravans, with a series of field-based recordings from 2006 to 2019, which will be presented, among others, through the YouTube channel.

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The Polyphonic Caravan wishes to everyone a good and happy new year, full of traveling, songs, gatherings, real festivals coming deep from our soul! Happy new year to all the polyphonic groups, to the co-travelers, to the -bigger and bigger- community of polyphony! Happy new year to the borderline villages of the polyphony, to the polyphonic spots for young people in the cities! Happy new year to all those who struggle for the present and the future of the polyphonic song with truth, ethos and passion.
A few days ago, the big journey of the voices was honored with an international recognition, with its inscription on UNESCO's Register of Good Safeguarding Practices! With this urge, we are entering the new year, the new decade! Without suspending our action at all, overcoming the difficulties of our times, sharing to the wide public the fruits of our 23-years-long course. We are preparing ourselves for the day when we will sing again polyphonic songs as it should be, one next to the other, together with the other one! In improvised celebrations but also in the great celebrations we prepare for 2021, the year with the biggest Caravan!
The photo initiating the new year comes from the 2014 Winter Polyphonic Caravan. This is how old lady Olga welcomed us at her village, Parakalamos in Epirus, breaking the pomegranate in front of our feet. Let's have a good year and good journeys! Let's, thus, break the pomegranate!

The Polyphonic Caravan on air


The "kirantzis" (driver) of the Polyphonic Caravan, Alexandros Lampridis, talks about the Polyphonic Caravan on the occasion of its inscription on UNESCO's Register of Good Safeguarding Practices of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the radio show "Anthologio Politismou" (Anthology of Culture) interviewed by Panagiotis Tzokas, on ERA Radio of Ioannina from 12:00 to 13:00, today, Monday 18th of January 2021.


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"From Apiros to the World"
Since years now, during the first days of the year, we celebrate by cutting the vasilopita (New Year's pie) of the Polyphonic Caravan. In 2020, we cut it during the Winter Polyphonic Caravan along with beloved friends in Polytsani village. In 2019, in a beloved place, Oikonomou tavern at Petralona, in 2018 during a thematic event for the Polyphony Workshop at the Center of Greek Music Foivos Anogiannakis.
Such "traditions" cannot be suspended and we honor them, having adapted them to the framework of our times. The Polyphonic Caravan cut its vasilopita for 2021! At a place connected to our songs, the hill of the Nymphs. Highly consciously, with restricted presences. With the five most devoted co-travelers since many years now. Those five, count more than twenty Caravans each during the 2010 decade!
Among the words written on the pie, the most recent international recognition of the Polyphonic Caravan, its inscription on UNESCO's Register of Good Safeguarding Practices. Maybe the letters of the word "UNESCO" became a little bigger than expected but the essence is found in the last line - "from APIROS to the WORLD".
Until next year, when we will meet all together in person in beloved places! Always with the Polyphonic Caravan!


- a road of more than twenty years and thousands miles of life -



The video that accompanied the proposal for the inscription of the Polyphonic Caravan on UNESCO's international Register of Good Safeguarding Practices of Intangible Cultural Heritage was just published in the Caravan's channel at youtube!
The video was based exclusively on materials of the Polyphonic Song Archive, from the 22 years-long action of the great journey of the voices, nothing was filmed on the spot, and was completed in March 2019, as a production of the Polyphonic Caravan. Since then and until yesterday it was available at the site of UNESCO on the page dedicated to the file of the proposal, while since today it is published, along with the decision for the inscription and the accompanying commendations, again at UNESCO's site. 
It is an opportunity to enjoy it also from our channel and share it to pages, groups and friends online, in order to share our happiness for the international recognition of the Polyphonic Caravan, the great projection of Epirus Polyphonic Song, the big vindication and encouragement for the polyphony community! Let's share it! And let's be subscribed to the Polyphonic Caravan's channel on YouTube!
See the video here:

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