On 14 May 2020, the Polyphonic Song Day is celebrated for the fifth year. An informal institution which started with the initiative of the Polyphonic Caravan in 2016 and, every year since then, has been welcoming new groups, cities and countries in the celebration.

This year the celebration takes place under the particular circumstances of the pandemic which are deterring for big, public gatherings and mass events. This is why we decided to celebrate the Day online today, sharing videos with polyphonic songs, promoting the folk polyphony, in this way searching for the meeting with the other cells of polyphony, either in the same or in different cities and countries. 

More and more groups are responding to the call for an online celebration and the polyphonic song is being "heard" the more and more during the day. In parallel, with the Polyphonic Caravan's initiative, an online polyphonic song concert is being prepared for the last day of Spring, on Sunday 31st of May. On that day, for two hours, a program made of videos from different groups, coming from different cities and countries, will be broadcasted.

The fifth celebration of the Polyphonic Song Day takes place in ways adjusted to the circumstances of mutual protection, with the expectation to soon meet each other in person, sing again one next to the other, one along with the other, in the way the polyphonic song wants and requires.

PS: for the preparation of the online concert of the 31st of May, the Polyphonic Song Archive's crew for the field-based recordings and digital processing is available to support every group that needs it in order to share its songs

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  Spring Polyphonic Caravan 2020

  Fifth celebration of the "Day of Polyphonic Song", 14th of May

  The polyphonic group "Haonia" at "Makari", 4th of April

  Epirus Polyphonic Song Seminars 2020


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