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An indicative list of books that have been transcribed and digitalized by the working team of the Polyphonic Song Archive is the following:


  • Panagiotis S. Fotiou, Nikos Lytis: Folk Songs of Northern Epirus (Nefeli Publications, 1995)
  • Grigoris N. Katsalidas: Folk Songs from Northern Epirus (Gutenberg Publications, 2001)
  • Kostas Lolis: The Epirotic Polyphonic Song (self-publication, Ioannina, 2006)
  • Panagiotis Aravantinos: Epirotic Songs – Collection of Folk Songs (Damianos – Dodoni Publications, 1996)
  • Chr. Chasiotis: Collection of Folk Songs across Epirus (Koultoura Publications, 1866)
  • Nikolaos V. Dimitriou: Northern Epirus – songs and dances (Trochalia Publications, 2000)
  • Menelaos S. Zotos: The Folk Song of Northern Epirus (Publication of the Northern-epirotic Studies Foundation, 1978)
  • Collection of Vassilis Nikas: Folk Songs of the Greek Minority (“Naim Fraseri” Publications, 1988)
  • Lefteris Kontos: Goodmorning Dropoli! (Neraida Publications, 2010)
  • Kostas Issos: The nightingales of Polytsani – our polyphonic song (self-publication, Athens, 2018)
  • Vassilis Nitsiakos: Aetomilitsa – folklore study (Cultural Association of Aetomilitsa, 2003)
  • Agoro Tsiou, Alkis Raftis: Loupsiko of Konitsa – Songs and dances of marriage (“Dora Stratou” Theater of Greek Dances)
  • Konstantinos I. Koulidas: Sotira (a village in Ano Deropoli of N. Epirus) – History, Toponyms, Marriage songs (Publication of the Sotiriotes’ Association of USA, 1998)
  • Samuel Baud – Bovy: Essay on the Greek Folk Song (Peloponnesian Folkloric Foundation, 1996)
  • Spyridonas D. Peristeris: Folk Songs of Epirus and Moreas – on Byzantine and European parasemantics (Tertios Publications, 1994)


A series of hand-written transcriptions of lyrics, as well as testimonies by the experiential polyphonic song interpreters, have also been digitized and are included in the Polyphonic Library part of the Polyphonic Song Archive. All of the Polyphonic Caravan’s and the Polyphony Workshops’ notebooks, kept during them and describing all the actions, primarily written by Maria Tsoukala and Aliki Gkana, have also been digitized. In addition, all questionnaires, distributed by the Polyphonic Caravan in its events and at Polyphony Workshops throughout all these years, have been digitized as well. Finally, the Polyphonic Library contains the digital transcriptions of all booklets included in record editions, as well as of a series of press publications referring to the Polyphonic Caravan throughout the years.

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