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Live recordings from the Big Polyphonic Song Concert at PALLAS THEATER on 14 April 2000

Sound mixer: Yannis Smirnaios / Event sponsors: MELODIA FM 100, DODONI PUBLISHING HOUSE




  1. Welcome friends (KTISMATA)
  2. Grouse and dove (“POLYPHONIC OF EPIRUS”)
  3. Graceful company (PARAKALAMOS)
  4. How bright is the sun of May (PARAKALAMOS)
  5. Lenitsa (PARAKALAMOS)
  6. My basil tree (“POGONI”)
  7. White, all-white cotton (“POGONI”)
  8. I started coming the night (“POGONI”)
  9. Argjiro your chest aches (“NEOI OF GJIROKASTER”)
  10. The black raven’s wisp (“NEOI OF GJIROKASTER”)
  11. Wedding song from Gjirokaster (NEOI OF GJIROKASTER)
  12. A seabird (CHAONIA)
  13. My mama sent me off with the sheep (Vlachs of ANDON POCI)
  14. A day in the meadow (Vlachs of ANDON POCI)
  15. I went one day to pick tea (Vlachs of ANDON POCI)
  16. Dimitroula (CHIMARRA)
  17. Of Spiromilios (CHIMARRA)
  18. A resentful mother (CHIMARRA)
  19. As many flowers as spring has (“POLYPHONO”)
  20. I forget and get happy (KTISMATA)
  21. Get up slowly (KTISMATA)






Polyphonic Songs from GREECE, ALBANIA, SERBIA

Live recordings of the 2nd Big Concert of Polyphonic Singing at PALLAS THEATER in 7 April 2001

Sound mixer: Yannis Smirnaios



  1. Giorgos, the spring has taken us (POLYPHONO)
  2. On Samarina’s mountains (POLYPHONIC OF EPIRUS)
  3. You beautiful butterfly, when you pass through the lane (PREMETI)
  4. Going down the mountain, picking daffodils (PREMETI)
  5. Among three seas (MOURGANA)
  6. I forget and get happy (CHAONIA)
  7. Woman from Deropoli (CHAONIA accompanied by instruments)
  8. There goes the flower to meet the other flowers (NEOI OF GJIROKASTER)
  9. Migration song (NEOI OF GJIROKASTER)
  10. A girl from Livadeia (PARAKALAMOS)
  11. Mountains’ sweet dawn (PARAKALAMOS)
  12. In the sheep shed all night long (ANTON POCI)
  13. Green rye leaves (MILEA, METSOVO)
  14. Skaros (Kompania of Ilias PLASTIRAS, Achilleas XALKIAS)
  15. Ιn Deropolis meadow (CHIMARRA)
  16. Girl of the mountain (CHIMARRA)
  17. At the priest’s windows (CHIMARRA)
  18. Let’s start collecting (MOBA)
  19. Look how the mountains stand (MOBA)
  20. Birds are chirping (MOBA)
  21. Oh flower, my flower (GJIROKASTRA with Katerina)
  22. Your scarf my Giannis (Yanni mou to mantili sou) ( MOBA with Maria)
  23. Instrumental lament (Kompania from PREMETI)




Voices of Petra

Big Polyphonic Song Concerts 2002-2004

Polyphonies from Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia


With the participation of the following groups: ANO DEROPOLI / DERVITSANI / KEFALOVRYSO / LOUPSIKO / MOYRGANA / PARAKALAMOS / POLYTSANI / CHAONIA / CHIMARRA / ASTERIA (Southern Italy) / VAY DOUDOULEY (Bulgaria) / Vlachs from ANTON POCI / LOT KURBETI (Albania) / MOBA (Serbia)



  1. It’s nice we met (MOURGANA)
  2. At this table where we are (DERVITSANI)
  3. Heart with eighteen keys (POLYTSANI)
  4. A girl by the sea (ANDON POCI)
  5. A beautiful girl was singing (ANO DEROPOLI)
  6. Kerantzides from Grevena (LOT KURBETI)
  7. The stones, the rocks cry (ANO DEROPOLI)
  8. Leni, kyra-Leni (Eleni POTSI with GJIROKASTRA)
  9. Katerina, oh girl (VAY DOUDOULEY with Yorgos MAKRIS)
  10. Up there where you walk (CHIMARRA)
  11. Maro (GJIROKASTRA)
  12. A Saturday night (PARAKALAMOS)
  13. Victoria (PREMETI)
  14. Early in the morning, Anastasia (KEFALOVRYSO)
  15. On my way (LOUPSIKO)
  16. I enter in a small garden (DERVITSANI)
  17. On the way to Rajo (VAY DOUDOULEY)
  18. A bitter orange from the bitter orange tree (POLYTSANI)
  19. The shepherd trying to find his way (PREMETI)
  20. A shepherdess in the mountain (CHIMARRA)
  21. Who is she coming down (CHAONIA)
  22. Let’s finish the harvest (MOBA)
  23. I wish I knew where you harvest (ASTERIA)
  24. Tarantella pizzica pizzica (ASTERIA)




Voices of Petra II

Big Polyphonic Song Concerts 2005-2006

Polyphonies from Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy, Serbia, Ukraine

With the participation of the following groups: ANO DEROPOLI / DERVITSANI / POLYTSANI / CHAONIA / CHIMARRA / Olga MPIKA / Froso CHARISI (Parakalamos) / Ilias KOUROS (Dolo) / Vlachs of ANDON POCI / LOT KURBETI (Albania) / IO (Southern Italy) / VAY DOUDOULEY (Bulgaria) / PESVEBI ( Georgia) / MOBA (Serbia) / LILI STORM & LUCIA COMNES (Ukraine, Epirus) / Petroloukas CHALKIAS, Michalis ZAMPAS / EPIROTIC KOMPANIA (“ZYGIA”) of Thomas LOLIS



  1. Skaros (“ZYGIA” of Thomas LOLIS)
  2. I was a stranger, poor me (ANO DEROPOLI)
  3. A girl was picking roses (ANO DEROPOLI)
  4. Grandma, why are you marrying me? (Vlachs of ANDON POCI)
  5. The stones, the rocks cry (DERVITSANI)
  6. Oh Grouse, being in the fern (DERVITSANI)
  7. Captain woman (LOT KURBETI)
  8. On the edge of the mountain (LOT KURBETI)
  9. During all May (CHIMARRA)
  10. When the wave will be sleeping (CHIMARRA)
  11. My beloved eyes (MOBA)
  12. I watch over the sheep (MOBA)
  13. You put spells on me (POLYTSANI)
  14. I walked by a stone bridge (POLYTSANI)
  15. Angelica is dancing (VAY DOUDOULEY)
  16. Elena, oh girl (VAY DOUDOULEY)
  17. Greceful company (PARAKALAMOS)
  18. Lament (Olga MPIKA, Froso CHARISI)
  19. A call to fairies (LILI STORM & LUCIA COMNES)
  20. By Eleni’s bedside (LILI STORM & LUCIA COMNES)
  21. Down in the little meadows, Thanasso (CHAONIA)
  22. Oh world (Ilias KOUROS, CHAONIA)
  23. A cuckoo singing in the evening (Michalis ZAMPAS, Petroloukas CHALKIAS)
  24. Again in Kaheti (PESVEBI)
  25. I walk for my love (PESVEBI)
  26. My beautiful swallow (IO)

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