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Apiros Issue 1

Summer 1998 (reprint 1999)


OF THE EDITORS                            With strength from Thesprotia

                                                            About “Apiros”


BEYOND CONDITIONS                  Comments

                                                            Giorgos Diamantis: About the historical center in Thesprotia

POETRY                                             Evgenia Lagou: Beyond the river, before the border

SHORT STORY                                  Sotiris Dimitriou: Like the swallows, lele

TESTIMONIES                                  Vasilis Stathis: I was born in 1921

CALENDAR                                       Theofanis Tassis: 16-11-97

FEATURE                                           Introductory note

                                                             Lampros Liavas: Epirus polyphonic songs

                                                             Vaggelis Kotsou: Epirus of polyphony

                                                             Interview: Songs for “Monachokoitarides” (a discussion with P. Makos, M. Zotos)

                                                             Vassilis Nitsiakos: Polyphonic song: towards a new position of the questions

                                                             Kostas Lolis: The polyphonic song ancient and original music tradition

                                                             Samuel Baud-Bovy: Songs of Northern Epirus and Pontos

                                                             Georgia Tenta: The polyphonic songs of Polytsani of Northern Epirus

                                                             Nikos Litis: The motifs of the polyphonic song

POETRY                                             Antonis Exarchos: Disappearance

CINEMA                                             Eirini Stathi: Epirus of Theodoros Angelopoulos

POETRY                                             Konstantia Geronta: The other part

LANGUAGE                                      Alexandros Lampridis: The market of words

OF THE OTHER SIDE                      Nikos Arvanitis: Coming up

ENVIRONMENT                               Pavlos Alexiou: At the ten years of the fight for Kalamas: a first review

POETRY                                             Evgenia Lagou: Like the waters being lost

HISTORY                                 Thomas Fotsis: Information about Thesprotia and Epirus in France’s war archives (1800-1808)

FOLKLORE                                       Thomas Fotsis: The investors of the farmers of Pindos villages

BOOK                                                 Alexandros Lampridis: “On the road: Igoumenitsa-Evros”

SHORT STORY                                 Antonis Exarchos: The telegram

POETRY                                            Theofanis Tassis: In future times

PHOTOGRAPHY                     Photos archive of Polydrosites Filoproodos Association: images from older times celebrations

EVENTS                                             From the other side of the river

                                                            Feature dedicated to the Polyphonic Song





Apiros Issue 2

Summer 1999


OF THE EDITORS                            With strength from Thesprotia



BEYOND CONDITIONS                  Comments

POETRY                                             Michalis Gkanas: Confession

TESTIMONIES                                  Thimios: Igoumenitsa - Athens

                                                            Alexandros Lampridis: 1st International Polyphonic Song Meeting

FEATURE                                          Thesprotia settlements

                                                            Giorgos Riginos: Residential organization in Ancient Thesprotia

                                                            Niki Vasilikou: Thesprotia’s Residential Past during byzantine times

                                                            Giorgos Makris: Ancient Roads in Thesprotia

                                                            Zannis Pittakidis: Foiniki: At a first glance                                                                                                                                      Margariti: “The capital of Tsamouria”

                                                            Pavlos Alexiou: Igoumenitsa: a city closed all around

                                                            Eirini Svana: Bibliogrpahy for Thesprotia’s Settlements

POETRY                                             Konstantia Geronta: Three Poems On Others’ Lyrics

                                                            Vassilis Nitsiakos: Two poems for the Place

BOOK                                                 Evgenia Il. Lagou: Sotiris Dimitriou: The mannerless of the miracles

POETRY                                             Spyros Vletsas: The Underwear

LANGUAGE                                   Grigoris Martinis: Glossary to the work of Sotiris Dimitriou: “May your name be blessed”

POETRY                                            Evgenia Il. Lagou: Popular

MUSIC                                               Eirini Koliousi: The Folk Songs of Paramythia

POETRY                                             Giorgos Diamantis: Apsenti

OF THE OTHER SIDE                      Nikos Arvanitis: Interview on Paramythia’s Historical Archive

TOURING                                          Kostas Manis: Thesprotia: Northern-east entrance

INTERVENTION                               Stavros Raptis: How much do we respect our monuments

POETRY                                             Theofanis Tassis: Normal Findings

FOLKLORE                                       Evaggelos Mpakagiannis: Kalarrites and Tailors from Popovo

SHORT STORY                                 Agis Maragkoudakis: My birth and my grand mother’s death

PHOTOGRAPHY                              Fred Boissonas

                                                            Spyros Meletzis

EVENTS                                             A night at Acherontas

                                                            1st International Polyphonic Song Meeting




Apiros Issue 3

July 2003



OF THE EDITORS                            With strength from Thesprotia



BEYOND CONDITIONS                  Apiros, the journey is continued

                                                            Thesprotia Delenda Est

                                                            Apiros in plural

                                                            The first steps of KIMETHE

POETRY                                             Giannis Zarkadis: Kalamas

                                                            Michalis Gkanas: In the light

TESTIMONIES                                  Evgenia Lagou: Aris Filiaton

LANGUAGE                                      Theofilos Lampridis: The A from the dictionary of Polydroso of Thesprotia

POLYPHONIC SONG                        Kostas Lolis: Isokrates and Isokratima

                                                   Konstantinos Mantzos: Tradition or Traditions: the use of cultural difference. Polyphonic song

                                                            Kostas Lolis: Music transcriptions

                                                            On the occasion of “Apiros” first CD

FEATURE                                          Michalis Pasiakos: Thesprotia’s Archival Wealth

RESEARCH                                       Vassilis Nitsiakos: “Northern Epirus”: The place and the people

SHORT STORY                                 Alexis Gklavas: “In goods”

POETRY                                             Vassilis Nitsiakos: Pozartsko

                                                            Evgenia Il. Lagou: Mpoukoureika

                                                            Spyros Vletsas

MYTHOLOGY                                   Maria Tsoukala: From Io to the Ionian Sea

FAIRYTALE                                       Xanthoula Ntakovanou: The Dragon’s fairytale

CINEMA                                             Agis Maragkoudakis: “Epirus” by Stratos Stasinos

ENVIRONMENT                               Environmental impacts by wind turbines and small ΥΗΕ

PHILOSOPHY                                    Grigoris Martinis: About Apiros-Infinite

EVENTS                                             5th International Polyphonic Song Meeting

PROPOSALS                                      Seminars / www.polyphonic.gr

COMING SOON                                From the upcoming issue’s contents

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