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The Polyphonic Song Archive supports but also is enriched by the audiovisual productions of “Apiros”. All of the Polyphonic Caravan’s events and actions are audio-visually recorded, offering a rich source of materials for future productions. Meanwhile, “Apiros” has moved on with a series of audiovisual productions or co-productions, among which it is worth mentioning the following in chronological order:

- “Kira Frosso – a woman remembers and sings” (2009, 35’)

Documentary – portrait of the leading personage of the polyphonic song and lament in Parakalamos village of Ioannina, Frosso Charissi.


-“Giorgos Ntotis – Whoever sees me laughing” (2012, 27’)

Documentary – testimonies of the leading personage of the polyphonic song in Dolo villag of Ano Pogoni, Giorgos Ntotis, who decided to “pass away” in 2010.


-“Fani Giotis – a frontiersman of polyphony” (2014, 33’)

Documentary – portrait of the latest of the older generation of the polyphonic song of Ktismata village of Pogoni, Theofanis Giotis, whose lifetime is now approaching the one century.


-“15 minutes for 15 years” (2015, 15’)

Anthology of stations and moments of the Polyphonic Caravan during the first fifteen years of its journey, which was widely projected during its subsequent events.


-“The tomorrows of polyphony” (2017, 30’)

Documentary for the young people of polyphony, having as “guide” character Aliki Gkana, who has been growing up within the Polyphonic Caravan since her 16 years. A production by ERT.




-“Kossovitsa polyphonic group” (2018, 55’)

Video – presentation of a music program by the polyphonic group of Kossovitsa, village of Ano Deropoli.


-“The springtime of polyphony” (2018, 45’)

Documentary – meeting with the young cells, groups and associations engaged with the polyphonic song and are active in Athens.


-“Niko Linas – This land” (2018, 33’)

Documentary – testimonies of Nikos Linas, emblematic representative of the leading generation of the polyphonic song in Polytsani village of Ano Pogoni.


-«Polyphonic Caravan» (2019, 11΄)

The video accompanying the proposal for the inscription of the Polyphonic Caravan on UNESCO’s Register of Good Safeguarding Practices in the field of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Filming for the next two productions of “Apiros” have already taken place and their completion is expected within 2020:
-“Far way on that mountain”

-“A beautiful girl somewhere


Finally, a series of the Polyphonic Song Archive’s materials has been presented in the tv emission “Fotapsies tis Allis Ochthis”, which was directed by Alexandros Lampridis, as all the aforementioned documentaries and videos.

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