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The non-governmental organization "Apiros" was founded in 1998. It took its name by the ancient, doric name of Epirus. "Apiros" head office is a borderline village, Polydroso of Thesprotia, the village of origin of its co-founders. Polydroso administratively belongs to the Municipality of Souli of the Regional Unity of Thesprotia.


According to article 2 of "Apiros" charter:

The name of the Organization in english is defined as "Άπειρος" and for its international relations as "Apiros". The distinctive title of the Organization is defined as "International Polyphonic Song Festival - Polyphonic Caravan".

Among the purposes of "Apiros" (article 4) the following are included: the organization of events, the development of cultural activities, the activation of young people in the field of rescue, promotion and dissemination of the cultural heritage as well as of the collectivity in the cultural expression and creation. Furthermore, the development of cultural activities of a cross-border and cross-cultural character on a Balkan, Mediterranean and trans-Epirotic level is also a purpose.

Among the ways of accomplishing these purposes (article 6), beyond the organization of events, conferences, festivals, the production of movies, emissions, discs, the publication of issues, the development of field-based, laographic, musicological and anthropological research, the creation and systematization of cultural archives, the following are included:

"The organization of the events and actions of the International Polyphonic Song Festival - Polyphonic Caravan, including the function of the Polyphony Workshop and the Polyphonic Song Archive".

"Apiros" has partially modified its charter in 2008 and 2018, enriching its purposes and ways of accomplishment, gradually expanding the organization's duration.


"Apiros" is registered in the Cultural Entities Portal of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport, under registration number 939 and has been subsidized by the Action Program of the Ministry of Culture. It has also implemented a program of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection.

"Apiros" has developed a series of partnerships, especially with organizations of local government and cultural agencies. Indicatively, its events have been supported by all of the local authorities of borderline Epirus.

Finally, "Apiros" collaborates with and supports in its turn other entities and institutions in their work, such as the Pan-Epirotic Confederation of Greece, the Southern Aegean Music Meeting of Folk Wind Instruments, the Olympia International Film Festival For Children and Young People etc. Its partnerships, since years now, are also developed on a international level along with entities and institutions from other Balkan, Mediterranean and European countries.

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