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Alexandros Lampridis

Born in Athens. His origins, Polydroso village of Thesprotia. His parents being teachers, he spent his childhood in Epirus borderline villages, Vathis square and Aigaleo in Athens. He graduated from the 2nd Athens Lyceum as flag bearer. He published the school newspaper “Anazitisi (Search)”. He graduates from the Faculty of Mineralogy of the National Technical University of Athens. He takes action within student cultural groups, he publishes the student newspaper “Epafes (Contacts)”. He participates in a filming team which produces a series of documentaries in labor places. In parallel, he studies cinema theory in a Workshop with Sotiris Dimitriou and direction at Chantzikou and Stavrakou Schools. He writes film reviews for newspapers and magazines. In 1989 he begins with his first radio emissions “Akrovates Lathraion Isorropion (Acrobats of Illegal Balances)”, “Kokkinoskoufitsa stis poleis (Red Riding Hood in the cities)” and “Contraste”. In 1990 he collaborates for the first time with Thodoros (Theo) Angelopoulos, as director assistant in his film “Meteoro Vima tou Pelargou (The Suspended Step of the Stork)”. He continues with master studies in cinema and perfection traineeships in direction in Paris, with the support of the French Government’s scholarship. During his military service, he directs for months the TV emission of the Ministry of National Defense “Me areti kai tolmi”. From 1994 to 1998 he collaborates again with Thodoros Angelopoulos in his films “To Vlemma tou Odyssea (Ulysses’ Gaze)” and “Mia aioniotita kai mia mera (Eternity and a day)”. During that period, he also collaborates with a series of other directors (Perrakis, Spyrou, Indares, Zafeiris and others). In 1996 he takes part in the foundation of “Chaonia” polyphonic group, in 1998 in the foundation of “Apiros” non-profit organization, being the President of its Board of Directors since then and until today. Since the same year, he publishes the cultural, environmental journal “Apiros”. In 1998 he directs the documentary “To telos mias aioniotitas (The end of an eternity)” which is internationally distributed. Since 1999 he takes on the artistic direction of the International Polyphonic Song Meetings which evolve into Polyphonic Caravans and he undertakes the role of their driver (kirantzis) until today. Since the same year until today, he teaches in a number of Polyphony Workshops. In 2000 he starts a new series of radio emissions, “Fotapsies tis Allis Ohthis (Lights of the other side)” for twelve years. In 2001-2003 he collaborates again with Thodoros Angelopoulos in his film “To livadi pou dakrizei (The weaping meadow)”. Since 2003, for ten years, he cooperates with Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, directing the ceremonies and teaching in Direction Workshops. In 2004 he opens “Alli Ohthi (Other Side)” music stage, which he directs for ten years. In 2008 he begins with the direction of the TV emission “Fotapsies tis Allis Ohthis (Lights of the other side)” broadcasted for four years. In 2011 he collaborates for the fifth time with Thodoros Angelopoulos in his film “Alli Thalassa (The Other Sea)” until the end of the great creator. Since 2014 he mainly focuses on the direction of documentaries. Among them, in 2017, “Ta avrio tis polyphonias (The tomorrows of polyphony)”. Form 2006 to 2010 he is President of Polydrosites Filoproodos Association, from 2010 until today he is member of the Panepirotic Confederation of Greece Board of Directors. From 2010 to 2016 and from 2019 until today he is member of the Confederation’s Bureau as Curator for Culture. In 2016 he writes the documentation file for the inscription of the Epirotic Polyphonic Song on the National Inventory for Intangible Cultural Heritage. In 2018 he is proclaimed as honorary citizen of Deropoli for his offer at the Polyphonic Song and of Olympos of Karpathos for his offer at Olympos, and more widely, the living tradition. In 2019 he contributes to the completion of the proposal for the inscription of the Polyphonic Caravan on UNESCO’s Register of Good Safeguarding Practices in Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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