The Polyphonic Caravan is an “all-weather” journey. It has continued its course without interruption, even under difficult circumstances, for 22 years now. In a related way, it continues and readjusts its action during the period of the pandemic. Putting forward the need for the continuation of the promotion and dissemination of the polyphonic song even in the current unprecedented conditions. Having developed a productive and fruitful action during the quarantine period, particularly in the fields of the Polyphonic Song Archive and the online polyphony workshops, it is now being prepared for the two big, annual stations during every summer.

The Big Polyphonic Caravan 2020 will travel from Wednesday, 29 July to Friday, 7 August in Macedonia, Thessaly and Epirus. Its program will focus on the collective field-based research and apprenticeship as well as on the production of a thematic documentary, beyond the meetings and the nights of polyphony. The detailed program is being shaped along with the local actors and bodies who welcome us in their villages as hosts and will be soon announced. During the travel and the actions, the respect for the necessary protection measures will constitute a main concern and the conditions under which the actions will take place will be accordingly adjusted.

The Big Polyphonic Song Celebration 2020, the leading event of the Polyphonic Caravan every year in Athens, will take place on Saturday, 26 September, at 20h00 at Petra Theatre, Petroupoli. This year’s event will have a special character opening the second decade of the Big Polyphony Celebrations and will be organized at the big Petra Theatre. The area of Petra, thanks to the year-long collaboration with the Municipality of Petroupoli, constitutes the most familiar and advantageous place for the polyphonic song and its friends. And it is in this way that we will meet also this year, at a different and unforgettable night!

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  Spring Polyphonic Caravan 2020

  Fifth celebration of the "Day of Polyphonic Song", 14th of May

  The polyphonic group "Haonia" at "Makari", 4th of April

  Epirus Polyphonic Song Seminars 2020


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