The ongoing health crisis appeared in Greece affecting all of the aspects of everyday life.

The expansion of the pandemic, the related measures, deepen the economic crisis in a general, social crisis.

Every day new data change our life, challenge our social and personal strength in an atmosphere of a widespread fear.

Under these circumstances, the creative escape from the objective confinement for self-protection and protection of each other is highly important.
Since the beginning of this year, the Polyphonic Caravan has already begun the implementation of a rich and demanding planning of action.
It is normal that the near future stations are being re-defined in the new conditions. The development of actions replaces the events programmed for the near future.
Main choices, the online promotion of materials of the Polyphonic Song Archive and the online continuation of the Polyphony Workshops.
In this unprecedently difficult context that we experience separately due to the need for mutual protection and support of a deeply hurt public health system, we are putting forward the need for sharing, preserving the social character of the action, with appropriate and safe ways.

We focus on the internet, the development of our webpage, the enrichment of our pages in social media and the online platforms.
We make good use of the internet for the continuation of the polyphony workshops, with the regular realization of online meetings.
We take advantage out of the isolation period for the further processing and systematization of the Polyphonic Song Archive’s materials.
We develop actions of mutual support, particularly for the frontiersmen, senior experiential interpreters who are experiencing the pandemic crisis in their villages.
We communicate with and encourage the members of our community in the other side of the borders, in Albania as well as the Griko co-travelers of ours.
We resist against any underlying transformation of the imposed mutual protection measures in a widespread social isolation with other evident targets.
Although the current period wants us to be apart, our days want us to be all together, solidary and cooperative, with a revitalization of the community spirit, of our social life.
We should not come out of this crisis isolated, surrendered to the advance of the terror but together, closer, with our communities and our society more alive and active.

In the beginning of such a painful spring, we create the conditions for a new spring!

News soon!

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  Spring Polyphonic Caravan 2020

  Fifth celebration of the "Day of Polyphonic Song", 14th of May

  The polyphonic group "Haonia" at "Makari", 4th of April

  Epirus Polyphonic Song Seminars 2020


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